Shreddie Cereal Milk Ice Cream

I’m extremely excited to share my very first recipe on Food For Thought. For me, this is food for nostalgic thoughts… I hope you enjoy!!! 🙂

If this cereal was part of your childhood (it played a huge part in mine!) then get ready for something mental mental sentimental.

This recipe and idea is based on the famous Momofuko Cereal Milk Ice Cream by Christina Tosi (with a few method tips from Jamie Oliver’s gelato).

It is a slight labour of love but I promise you this is worth it.


Makes about 1 litre of Ice cream


100g of Shreddies cereal

700ml whole milk
125ml double cream
120g soft brown sugar
30g Ovaltine Powder
1 teaspoon cornflour


  1. Preheat the oven to 150°C/302°F (or gas mark 2). Please the Shreddies on some baking parchment and toast in the oven for 10/12 minutes or until there is a bit of colour on them.  Remove from oven and leave to completely cool.
  1. Place an air tight container in the freezer (this will come apparent later)
  1. Combine the milk and double cream into a large jug and then add the cooled dry Shreddies to the liquid and stir vigorously. Leave to steep for 20 minutes


  1. Whilst this is infusing mix the remaining dry ingredients into a bowl (sugar, Ovaltine powder and cornflour)


  1. After 20 minutes pass the mixture through a fine sieve into a bowl. Use the back of a ladle, heavy spoon or even your hand to pass as much of the liquid through as possible.  You have to really squeeze!

(Discard the remaining mulch…I tried to combine this with sugar and bake to make a crumb as I hate wasting ingredients but it was too wet. I did make a Shreddie brittle, as demonstrated in last picture – but its actually not needed as the Ice cream is very sweet. I suggest crumbling up ‘raw’ Shreddies as a texture topping)

  1. Place the infused liquid in a saucepan over a medium heat and gently stir. Using a probe thermometer heat the mixture until it reaches 40°C then add the dry ingredients and whisk well until fully dissolved. Stir continuously until the mixture then reaches to a further 85°

(Ignore beef reading on the thermometer…I don’t know how to reset the text!)


  1. Fill the sink/ large bowel with ice water and plunge the saucepan into the ice water bath to stop any further heating. The liquid must then cool to 10°C within 30 minutes.
  1. Once cooled add the mixture into the pre cooled air tight container and refrigerate for up to 3 hours (or overnight)
  1. Once fridge set and cooled place the liquid into a jug/tall bowel and blitz with a hand blender
  1. Now it’s ready for churning. Place liquid into the ice cream machine and freeze according to instructions (technically this is gelato so it should take less time than to fully churn to ice cream)
  1. Once churned serve immediately OR I like to then place back in the freezer for an additional 2/3 hours (this is what I do) before taking out and serving after a 5-10 minute sitting period.


(You can try this with other cereals such as the original Momofuko recipe with Corn Flakes, even Crunchy Nut Cornflakes ***but be careful with the sugar quantity (I had trouble with Shreddies!) we greatly underestimate how much sugar is in cereal*** so reduce dry sugar quantity if needed)


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