Hereford Road – London, W2

Hereford Road is a panic booking restaurant.

I had the obligatory weekly catch up call from my mother the other week which resulted in an impromptu Sunday lunch plan in “your area darling.  I’ll come to you” like the kind selfless person my mother is.  However it boasted a sudden problem of where would be open at 12:30pm on a Sunday that would offer Jimmy, myself (+ my sisters dog I was dog sitting) and my mother equal appropriate dish offerings to satisfy all needs? I came all panic stricken and just quickly booked Hereford Road as I hadn’t been in a long time (I think 4 years).

This is where panicking finally pays off.

Situated on Hereford Road, (funnily enough) in W2 just off Westbourne grove.  Hereford Road has that easy, reliable je ne sais quite why I don’t go there more vibe.  Not only that but it’s a guaranteed winner for those who keep healthy but are traditional , like my mother.  Weekend indulgers who enjoy and really know good food at every turn, Jimmy & those who like delicious food (regardless of intricacy) like squidgy bread, fish, vegetables, spice when the menu reads spice, not too crowded, nice knives and forks, and salt and pepper on the table at all times, but obviously not fussy at all, (and who also sporadically dog sits). Me.

We started with deep fried anchovies.  British summer on a plate.  Fish. Check. Crunchy batter. Check. Some sort of mayonnaise. Check.  Actually these were served with  aioli which was rich and delightful.

It was a hot day (I’m a brit I must complain about the weather at all times come rain or shine) so I wanted something light and opted for 2 further starters.  Crab, tomato and rocket salad which literally was everything I could have wanted at that moment.  Sweet fresh crab meat, peppery crunchy rocket and sweet, warm sun kissed tomatoes with a light vinaigrette. Excellent.

I moved on to a grilled mackerel fillet with chicory. Again, another fantastic fishy dishy.  The mackerel was cooked to perfection.  Crispy skin and salty flesh which was cut through by the bitterness of the roasted chicory.  I couldn’t have been more satisfied especially since I had also remembered to order a side salad with it which had perfect crunch and dressing ratio. Great.

Jimmy went with the pork belly which didn’t last very long on the plate I must say.  My mother went with poached sea trout with broad beans and pea shoots.  Pink poached flesh that jumped out like a pop of deliciousness.  So simple, so fresh, so delicious.

No sugar for me this month which sadly means no puddings but my mother had a passion fruit sorbet which she said was huge (for her only though, not for me or any other sweet toothed human) but she enjoyed it very much.

Coffee to finish.

So there we have it.  If you ever have a sudden lunch plan and need it dog friendly too then book a table at Hereford Road, the ultimate ‘panic over’ restaurant.

Rating (0-5) ****


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